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Obama’s Peace Prize Speech Satisfies America’s Blood Lust

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obama_preventive_peace_prize_614979You might think it would be a little awkward for someone to walk into a room and accept a Nobel Peace Prize a week after announcing the addition of 30000 more troops to a country already devastated by 8 years of war. If the attendees at Barack  Obama’s acceptance speech were slightly underwhelmed by his performance, at least the crowd back home was relieved to hear that he wasn’t planning to end America’s long, storied tradition of bloody military adventure abroad. Without any sense of irony, Obama used the Peace Prize podium to lecture us all about America’s unique and noble mission to bring about world peace through superior firepower. There was certainly no way that Obama could ignore what was apparent to everyone – the pure hypocrisy of giving this award to the leader of a country illegally occupying not one, but two countries, conducting cross-border drone attacks into another and holding hundreds of people in lawless prisons and secret ‘black sites’ just to name the most obvious.

But media pundits jumped to Obama’s cause and, perhaps with the exception of the absolutely most blood thirsty war hawks, were quite satisfied with what they heard coming from his lips. The fear that Obama might actually be influenced by what the world thought of its foreign policy over the last 8 years – a policy that, despite a welcome face lift, hasn’t effectively changed one iota – was quickly dispelled. Obama waxed poetic about America’s triumphant and, of course, just military forays into Europe to save the peaceloving Swedes from Hitler and, he assures us, Al-Qaeda is no less resistant to reasoned discourse or, presumably, less dangerous. Right. Al-Qaeda equals Hitler. Jesus…is there anything you can’t justify by invoking the name of Hitler? Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia…win or lose America only had the freedom of the world in mind when it sent out its noble boys and girls in uniform to mindlessly slaughter millions over the last century, countless millions more diseased, disfigured or homeless. Peaceful resistance, he reminds us, would be useless against the kind of evil that threatens America and her allies. That’s the message Barack Obama decided to deliver to the world as he picked up his Peace Prize. Worse still, it was a message that resonated strongly with his audience back home.

It’s certainly interesting to see how things have changed in a decade. In 1997 the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its leadership on eliminating anti-personnel devices in the world, a blight on humanity that kills or wounds 5000 people each year. The Obama administration declined to ratify the treaty two weeks before accepting his own prize citing – what else? – national security concerns.

Orwell rolls in his grave.

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